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Hauling Demolition Debris

Housing Authority of Baltimore City

Type of Project:
Hauling of Demolition Debris

Various Locations, Baltimore, Maryland

Roll Off Containers, Hauling, Demolition

When placing a container in the crowded city,
a driver needs to be aware of his surroundings.

A2Z was contracted by the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, doing business as HABCO to provide 30 yd roll off containers and to haul demolition debris on a as needed basis.

The HABCO job supervisor would call A2Z‟s dispatcher and request as many as 15 trucks to haul demolition debris from a work site to a designated landfill.

The drivers would line up on site at a pre-designated time, usually 7:00 am to be live loaded. Each driver, one at a time, would back onto the work site, lower its can to the ground and wait to be loaded. The operator on site, a third party contractor, would then load the 30 yd container with construction debris. When loaded, the driver would load the can on it‟s back, and drive to the designated landfill to dump it‟s load. When empty, the driver would return to the work site for another load; repeating the cycle till the end of the work day.

Working in the inner city requires placing containers in tight, crowded areas. The driver needs to pay close attention to his surroundings in order to place the container safely.

Each work site was different. One site might be an emergency tear down, a single frame house, needing only 2 or 3 trucks to haul the debris for 1/2 a day. The next work site might be a housing project with 300 houses to be torn down. A project like this would require every available roll-off truck for weeks at a time. Some tear downs were single town houses in the middle of a row of houses. This type unit would require precision demolition in order not to damage the property of others. Other teardowns were complete rows of townhouses. The number of roll-off trucks required for the task would change accordingly.

Another type of hauling provided under the contract was with stationed containers at various sites throughout the city. For example, The Housing Authority of Baltimore City needed a 30 yd container placed at a housing project on Orleans St. So the driver placed the can where directed and left the can on site. The Housing Authority of Baltimore City would direct their own work crews to use these containers for disposal of construction debris removed from repair projects in the area. A2Z would have as many as 35 containers placed throughout the city for the disposal of construction debris of city repair projects. When the containers were full, the housing project agent would call to have the container emptied. A2Z would deliver an empty container and take the full container to the designated landfill for disposal. This action is commonly known as a switch out. It would be a common practice for a single driver to be dispatched from site to site for the Housing Authority of Baltimore to switch out containers throughout the city. Larger sites, such as headquarters for a city department, may have three or four cans on site, while the housing projects would only have one can on site.