A2Z Environmental Group

311 S. Haven Street • Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone: 410-679-8877 • Toll Free: 800-209-7325
Fax: 410-679-1308
Email: a2zinfo@a2zgroup.com

Business Information


    Spill Response containers w/ 2000 + ft. of 18" containment boom
    4000 Gallon, Floatable, Towable, Bladder
    Double Barrel Skimmer

    4000 feet of 18" Harbor
    500 feet of mini boom
    Assorted stock of following
    Sorbent Boom (8" x 10')
    Sorbent Blankets
    Sorbent Pads
    Oil Snare on Rope
    Fiber Perl/Dicalite
    Oil Skimmers
    Acid Suits/Hoods
    Level A, B, C and D PPE
    Cascade Supplied Airline System
    HAZ Mat Kit
    Scissor Lifts
    Plus a variety of attachments
    Roll-Off Trucks
    Vacuum Trucks
    Stainless Vacuum Trucks
    Service Trucks
    Box Trucks
    Flatbed Trucks
    Stake Body Trucks
    Crew Vans
    Extec C12 Concrete Jaw Crusher
    10 Yard Roll off Containers
    15 Yard Roll off Containers
    20 Yard Roll off Containers
    30Yard Roll off Containers
    40Yard Roll off Containers
    Sea Containers
    Dump trailer
    Petro Steel Vac Trailer
    Eager Beaver Lowboy Trailers
    Box Trailers, Assorted Sizes
    Fruehauf Tanker Trailer
    Spill Trailer
    Benlee Roll-off Trailer
    Fontaine Roll-off Trailer
    Hazmat Trailer
    Aluminum Tank Trailer
    14 Ft. John Boat
    16 Ft. Aluminum John Boat
    26 Ft. Sea Hawk
    21 Ft Angler
    US Test Tank Testing Equipment
    Schuster Tank Testing Equipment
    Photo ionization Detectors
    Mercury Vac
    Gas Meters (O2, LEL, C0, H2S)

Licences & Certifications


Maryland Business License
Delaware Business License
Kentucky Business License
Pennsylvania Business License
Virginia Business License
Washington D.C. Master Business License – Class B
Cecil County Hauler‟s License
City of Baltimore Solid Waste Hauler‟s Permit
Delaware Solid Waste Transporter Permit
Dorchester County Hauler‟s License
Montgomery County Hauler‟s License
New Jersey Haulers License
Pennsylvania Hauler‟s Permit
Certified APHIS Waste Hauler
Maryland Scrap Tire Hauler
City of Baltimore Certified Demolition Contractor License
State of Maryland Department of the Environment Oil Operations Permit
Baltimore County Wastewater Discharge Permit


Maryland Department of Transportation Minority Business Enterprise Program
Certification No.: DOT MBE 01-080
DC Metropolitan Washington Area Transit Authority WMATA - Certification 871
Delaware Office of Minority & Women Business Enterprise – Certification DE05040557
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Minority Business Enterprise
Certification 1377/A359
City of Baltimore Women‟s Business Enterprise (WBE) - Certification No.: 00-003840
Prince George‟s County MBE Certification – Certification No.: 472047
Prince George‟s County Public Schools MBE Certification – Vendor No.: 11235
Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority LDBE– Certification No.: LD2002-0313-2009

Health and Safety

A2Z Environmental Group provides a safe environment on the job site and in surrounding areas. Our Health and Safety Compliance Officer, along with our Health and Safety Committee, oversees all field operations. In addition A2Z Environmental Group senior-level officers and an outside consultant conduct independent assessments of job site health and safety issues. This monitoring program is designed to be independent of field operations, and Health and Safety Officers have full authority to issue stop work orders for non-compliance with regulations.

Remediation and abatement jobs follow guidelines set forth in our comprehensive Health and Safety Plan. Supplemental, site-specific health and safety plans are developed to address work to be performed under each job order. Input from technical, operational, engineering, and managerial teams ensures that health and safety parameters are feasible and achievable for each project‟s scope of work. The implementation and enforcement of these plans are the responsibility of the assigned Health and Safety Officer. If a questionable or unclear situation arises, the officer is empowered to suspend all work activity associated with the concerns until the situation is resolved.

A2Z personnel maintain a safe and healthy work environment through continuing application of standard health and safety procedures, which comply with applicable provisions of OSHA regulations 29 CFR 1910 and 29 CFR 1926 as well as applicable state laws. All A2Z field personnel (as well as our subcontractors and teaming partners) who perform hazardous waste and emergency response operations train for a minimum of 40 hours as specified by OSHA Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, (HAZWOPER) standards. At least one (1) supervisor for each site receives an additional eight hours (minimum) of specialized training in hazardous waste supervision. All employees participate in regularly scheduled safety meetings.

Established protocols for protection and control are followed and enforced at each job site. These include the following: A2Z Environmental Health and Safety Manual; OSHA and State equivalent regulations and guidelines; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) guidelines; Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) guidelines; Risk Assessment Guidelines from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Labor and similar state agency guidelines.

All employees driving company vehicles regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) must complete DOT driver qualification requirements. These employees must comply with all DOT, state and company regulations and policies including, but not limited to, driving records, insurance requirements and driver‟s daily logs.