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Contaminated Soil Removal


A2Z is fully licensed and insured to handle the transportation and disposal of contaminated soil through a variety of methods. This flexibility provides the contractor or owner/operator the opportunity to minimize their costs without sacrificing safety of environmental protection.

A2Z drivers and operators all receive the 40-hour HAZWOPER training (and updated refresher courses) as required by 29 CFR 1910.120, and possess Class "A" CDL‟s with HAZMAT and tanker endorsements.

A2Z can supply aluminum end dump trailers or demo trailers, along with tandem axle dump trucks to handle projects with bulk quantities of contaminated soil. Unlike most conventional contract haulers, A2Z can provide its own construction equipment for loading the contaminated soil, should it become necessary.

A2Z gives special consideration to projects with smaller quantities of contaminated soil or projects that excavate and remove the soil over an extended period of time due to multiple sites or other contract conditions. When these situations are encountered, A2Z can spot specially designed roll-off dumpsters at the job site or facility for "will call" pick up. These containers are specifically designed for handling solid wastes, such as contaminated soil, and are equipped with liners and end gaskets to ensure that aqueous soils do not leak out during storage or transporting, as they would with conventional containers. This service affords the contractor or generator the ability to fill the container at their own pace, thereby avoiding scheduling complications, disruption of critical path activities or short load charges.

For even smaller quantities of contaminated soils or similar solid wastes, A2Z can furnish and deliver 55-gallon drums to the con-tractor‟s site or generator‟s facility and pick them up when called to do so. For larger operations that generate small quantities of contaminated solids on a continuing basis, A2Z can provide this service with regularly scheduled pickup and delivery. If required, A2Z can provide drum storage sheds as part of this service.

Whether contaminated material is removed or collected by our forces or by others…handled in bulk, specialized containers or drums, A2Z will work diligently with the contractor or owner/operator to determine which plan of action is the most cost effective for their particular project or facility.

Current technologies for the treatment of contaminated soils allow for a variety of disposal options, involving bio-remediation, thermal destruction or one of many forms of chemical alteration. Ultimately, the soil is either destroyed or recycled into a multitude of new products.

A2Z neither owns nor operates a contaminated solid waste facility, nor is it a subsidiary of one. Accordingly, A2Z has no vested interest in any one given facility and can therefore offer to the contractor or generator the flexibility of utilizing that facility which best suits their needs and budgets.



A2Z was contracted by Southern Maryland Oil to clean up a spill of 319 gallons of home heating oil in the basement of a home in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.