A2Z Environmental Group

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Contractor Support Services

A2Z‟s personnel have come together from a background of diverse experiences. It is this diversity that allows A2Z to offer such a wide range of comprehensive services to our clients. In addition to providing our environmental services,

A2Z also has the equipment and qualified personnel to offer the following support services.

Contract Equipment Hauling

A2Z can meet your equipment moving needs with:

Detachable Goose-neck Low Boy Trailers
Tilt Deck Trailers (5th wheel)
Flat Bed Trucks
Roll Backs
Tag Trailers

Equipment Cleaning/Decontamination

A2Z has truck-mounted and portable pressure washers for cleaning mud and caked on dirt from the tracks and undercarriage of your construction equipment prior to demobilization, as well as cleaning your equipment of all contaminated soil, liquid petroleum waste, or other contaminant, as may be encountered on any given remediation project.

Temporary Storage Tanks

A2Z can provide skid tanks to be used on the job site for equipment refueling operations or as a constant fuel supply for generators, compressors, heaters or dewatering pumps.

Specialty Equipment Services

A2Z can meet specific project requirements with:

Roll-off Trucks
Truck Mounted Generators
Tag Trailer Compressors
Specialty Roll-off Containers/Dumpsters
Extec C12 Jaw Crusher