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Environmental Contracting Projects

Baltimore County Community
Clean-Up, Dumpster Rentals

Client: Baltimore County

Type of Project: Community Clean-Up

Location: Various Locations throughout the County

Services: Dumpsters for Rent, Hauling

Residential House Demolition in Maryland: Dumpsters & Hauling

Client: G. L. Schnader

Type of Project: Residential
House Demolition

Location: Elsrode Ave. Baltimore, MD

Services: Demolition, Dumpsters, Hauling

Home Heating Oil Spill Clean Up & Contaminated Soil Remediation

Client: Southern Maryland Oil

Type of Project: Home Heating Oil Spill Clean Up and Contaminated Soil Remediation

Location: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Services: Environmental, Contamination

Joseph B. Fay
Clearing and Grubbing

Client: Joseph B. Fay

Type of Project: Clearing and Grubbing

Location: Interstate 95,
Cowenton Road Overpass

Services: Excavation, Hauling

Pride of Hawaii
APHIS Waste Removal

Client: Waste Management of Florida

Type of Project: Disposal of APHIS Waste

Location: So. Locust Point Marine Terminal, Baltimore, MD

Services: Hauling

International Steel Group
Mercury Spill Clean Up & Verification

Client: International Steel Group

Type of Project: Mercury Spill Response

Location: Sparrows Point, Maryland

Services: Environmental
Emergency Spill Response

Client: Landstar Trucking

Type of Project: HAZ-MAT Spill Clean Up

Location: Jessup, Maryland

Services: Emergency Spill Response
HAZ-MAT Spill Clean Up

Constellation Energy
Fuel Spill on Land and Water

Client: Constellation Power

Type of Project: Fuel Spill on Land and Water

Location: Haven Street, Baltimore, Maryland To Boston Street, Baltimore Harbor

Services: Environmental Clen Up, Hauling

Andrews Air Force Base
Hydraulic Oil Spill Response

Client: Andrews Air Force Base

Type of Project: Hydraulic Oil Spill Clean Up

Location: Camp Springs, Maryland

Services: Environmental
Oil Spill Response and Clean Up

City of Baltimore
1000 Gallon UST Tank Testing

Client: City of Baltimore

Type of Project: 1000 Gallon UST Tank Test

Location: Department of Transportation, Edmonson Ave., Baltimore, Maryland

Services: Test 1000 Gallon UST for Recertification

International Steel Group
#6 Fuel Oil Tank Cleaning

Client: International Steel Group

Type of Project: #6 Fuel Oil Tank Cleaning

Location: Sparrows Point,

Services: Environmental
Tank Cleaning, Hauling

Underground Storage Tank Removal

Client: Uni-First

Type of Project: Underground Storage Tank Removal

Location: Yellowbrick Road, Baltimore, Maryland

Services: Environmental UST Removal Hauling