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Andrews Air Force Base, Camp Springs, Maryland
Hydraulic Oil Spill Response and Clean Up

Andrews Air Force Base

Type of Project:
Hydraulic Oil Spill Clean Up

Camp Springs,


A vacuum truck was used
to reclaim the wash water.

A2Z received a call to respond to a hydraulic oil spill at Andrews Air Force Base in Camp Springs, Maryland. The oil was spilled on the roadway and on two other places in a grassy area.

A2Z responded with a five man crew, vacuum truck, a roll-off truck with a roll-off box containing a mini excavator and a pressure washer unit.

The first crew to arrive began sweeping up sand that had been placed on the oil by local response. The second crew brought the pressure washer. Pictures were taken to document clean up.

A degreaser was applied to the road surface to help with the removal of the oil on the road-way and was then pressure washed. The vacuum truck was set up to recover the oily wash water. Temporary dykes were set up using bricks, lumber and leaves found on site. All debris from the dykes was disposed of in the roll-off container along with the contaminated soil.

Power washing the area removed
the spilled oil from the surface.

As the roadway began to dry, it became apparent that the wash was effective in removing the hydraulic oil from the roadway. The soil clean up was verified using a PID (Photo-Ionization-Detector). This instrument displays total organic content in parts per million of air/contaminant. Holes were driven in the ground to create voids so that the PID could detect "soil gases". This instrument is sensitive enough to detect organic decay from vegetables rotting.

The instrument showed 0 ppm difference between the spill area and a "control" area where normal background organics could be measured.

After testing, all equipment was packed up and the area was again checked to assure it was clean. After receiving approval for disposal, the soil was transported by an A2Z roll-off truck to a landfill in Pennsylvania that is permitted to landfill low content oily soil and debris.