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Storage Tank Services


A2Z possesses a preponderance of both public and private sector experiences in the removal of underground storage tanks in the Mid-Atlantic region. Clients have included the Maryland National Guard, Clean Harbors, Naval Surface Warfare Center, University of MD, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, MD & VA Milk Producers, Potts & Callahan, British Em-bassy and Vermont House Apartments.

For conventional removals, A2Z possesses ample equipment for removing tanks ranging from small residential fuel oil tanks to the larger 30,000-gallon tanks used for industrial purposes. A2Z also possesses the equipment and training to perform in-place abandonment and customized removals. In-place abandonment involves vacuum removal of contents, de-gassing, confined space entry, tank cleaning, sample collection and filling with low strength flowable fill (LSFF). A2Z performs all these services with it‟s own labor force and equipment. In cases of special site settings and unanticipated obstacles, A2Z leads the local market in developing effective responses and adapting conventional equipment to the task.

In cases of leakage, A2Z performs contaminated soil excavation and removal to a disposal facility using subcontractors to delineate the extent of contamination and to perform laboratory analysis. A2Z uses subcontractors in this way to avoid any conflict of interest.


A2Z offers prompt dependable service and highly competitive rates for the mandatory precision testing of both existing tanks and newly installed tanks. This competitive pricing structure includes discounts for multiple tests performed at the same site on the same day.

A2Z‟s technical personnel currently hold and maintain certification to perform precision testing with Schuster Instruments "Tel-A-Leak I" Constant Level System (overfill method) or "U.S. Test" system (vacuum method).

A2Z serves owner/operators of multiple tank storage facilities with routinely scheduled testing. Additionally, A2Z provides the following special services:

  • Off Peak Scheduling: For service stations that sell directly to public 24 hours a day or have tanks located under high traffic area.
  • Next Day Service: For contractors performing new tank installations and looking for a way to expedite contract
  • Emergency Response: For tanks suspected of having sustained damage from any nearby excavation, drilling, demolition or similar activities.

Among our many tank testing customers are St. Peter Claver Church, Marcor, Tidewater Inn, Taylor Manor Hospital, Easton Utilities, Carroll County Historical Society and Heritage Bank.


A2Z provides safe, environmentally sound and economical cleaning services for tanks, vessels, vaults, sumps, oil-water separators and similar items.

A2Z‟s cleaning crew personnel are all trained and certified for confined space entry, in accordance with currently proposed OSHA regulations, and have received the 40 Hour HAZWOPER Training (and applicable refresher courses) as required by 29 CFR 1910.120.

Additionally, should circumstances or contract specifications require such, A2Z personnel are trained, equipped and prepared to perform their tasks in personal protective equipment (PPE), levels "A" through "D", as defined by OSHA. No matter what scope of services required, or what level of PPE they must perform in, A2Z will work aggressively to provide them in the most cost effective means without compromising safety or environmental protection. A2Z‟s typical services could include one or more of the following cleaning methods:

  • Squeegee sludge and deposits to the lowest point of the tank or vessel for removal by vacuum hose and/or shoveling into drums.
  • High volume (low pressure) straight water rinses.
  • Pressure washing (low volume) with one or more of the following:
    • Straight Water
    • Biodegradable Cleaning Solution
    • Hot Water 210 degrees @ 5500 psi
    • Aggregate Induction
    • Steam cleaning or steam saturation.

A2Z can also perform the following functions when confined space entry is required:

  • Purging tank or vessel of toxic or irritant atmosphere.
  • Continuous monitoring with LEL meters and oxygen level indicators.

When confined space entry must be made in combustible or flammable atmospheres, A2Z can inert the tank or vessel prior to entry by treating it with a hydrocarbon emulsifier/combustion inhibitor such as "No-Flash".

A2Z also provides the following additional services:

  • Temporary Holding Tanks: For tanks and vessels undergoing routine cleaning, A2Z can supply skid tanks, dike tanks or vacuum tanks to hold reusable free product during the cleaning operation, then return it to the clean tank.
  • Temporary Operations Tanks: In the case of emergency generators or similar situations where fuel supply cannot be interrupted by cleaning operations, A2Z can supply and connect temporary skid tanks or dike tanks to allow for continuous operation.